【Beginner 2 Lesson 9: Direction】How to ask where something is and respond

Basic sentence
Basic sentenceCommunication

There are a few different ways to ask where something is, or how to get to your destination.

How to ask

Where is the movie theatre?


e i ga ka n wa do ko de su ka

Is there a toilet around here?


ko no he n ni to i re ga a ri ma su ka

  • このへん:around here
  • に:at
  • トイレ:toilet
  • が:subject marking particle (no meaning)
  • あります:exist, there is
  • か:?

I want to go to the post office.


yu u bi n kyo ku ni i ki ta i n de su ga

  • ゆうびんきょく:post office
  • に:to
  • 行き(い・き):stem form of 行く, to go
  • たい:want to
  • んですが:no meaning

んですが is often used in a conversation when you want to say where you want to go.

How to respond

The movie theatre is in front of the station.


e i ga ka n wa e ki no ma e ni a ri ma su

  • えいがかん:movie theatre
  • は:subject marking particle (no meaning)
  • 駅(えき):station
  • の前に:in front of
  • あります:exist, is

The bakery is on the left-hand side.


hi da ri ga wa ni pa n ya ga a ri ma su

  • 左がわ(ひだり・がわ):left side
  • に:on
  • パン屋(パン・や):bakery
  • が:subject marking particle (no meaning)
  • あります:exist, is