Basic Japanese verbs

Form: verb and adjective
Form: verb and adjective

On this page, you can learn basic Japanese verbs and what they look like.

Introduction: Japanese verbs

The basic form is called Dictionary Form which finishes with ‘u’ sound.




Basic 30 Japanese verbs

くる(来る) → come

する → do, play (sports)

べんきょうする(勉強する) → study

うんてんする → drive

でんわする(電話する) → ring

たべる(食べる) → eat

みる(見る) → look, watch, see

ねる → sleep

あける → open

しめる → close

おきる → wake up

おしえる(教える) → teach

おえる → finish

はじめる → begin

のむ(飲む) → drink

よむ(読む) → read

かく(書く) → write

はなす(話す) → speak

いく(行く) → go

なる → become

つかう(使う) → use

つくる(作る) → make

かう(買う) → buy

うたう → sing

あそぶ → play (for fun)

きく(聞く) → listen

はたらく → work

あるく(歩く) → walk

およぐ → swim

てつだう(手つだう) → help


  • Learn Basic 30 Japanese verbs by writing them down in your book. Try to write in Kanji when applicable if you can.
  • Complete the test in Quizlet below. Choose ‘test’ at the bottom right of Quizlet to start a test. Your goal is to get over 90%.