be + verb-ing:【verb てform + います】

sentence pattern

On this page, you can learn how to say somebody is doing something now in Japanese.


You need てForm for this sentence pattern. Click here if you don’t know it.

Sentence pattern

is/am/are + verb-ing

verb てform + います


I am reading a book.


Step by step

If you want to say ‘I am reading a book’ in Japanese, you need to know ‘I read a book’ in Japanese in the first place.

‘I’ is わたし. ‘book’ is ほん(or 本). ‘read’ is よむ(or 読む).

So, I read a book is わたしはほんをよむ.

If you want to say ‘am reading’ you need to change よむ into てform which is よんで, then add います after that.

That is why ‘I am reading a book’ is わたしはほんをよんでいます.

The point is to change a verb into てform, then add います to say ‘is/am/are doing’ in Japanese.



Task 1: Change into Japanese.

  • My mother is eating pasta with my older sister.
  • I am playing with friends in a park.
  • My father is listening to music in a living room now.
  • My older brother is drinking sake with friends now.
  • My uncle playing baseball at a stadium now.

Task 2: Change into English.

  • 兄は車をうんてんしています。
  • 私はさらを洗っています。
  • 姉は今友だちとバスケットボールをしています。
  • おじは今教しつで日本語を勉強しています。
  • おばは今と書かんで新聞を読んでいます。



Topic based lessons

Family: My younger sister is reading a book.
On this page, you can learn how to say what people in your family are doing in Japanese.