Sentence pattern

Please:【お + verb stem form + ください】

Sentence pattern

On this page, you can learn Japanese grammar for asking somebody to do something very politely.


You need Stem Form for this sentence pattern. Click here if you don’t know it.

Sentence pattern

Please + verb

お + verb stem form + ください


You need to translate from the end of the sentence.

Example 1

First box: English, Second box: Romaji, Last box: Japanese writing

Please drink water.
mi zu wo o no mi ku da sa i

Example 2

Please listen to music quietly.
shi zu ka ni o n ga ku wo o ki ki ku da sa i

Note: Honorifics

This sentence pattern is categorised into 尊敬語(そん・けい・ご)which means respectful language in Honorifics.

There are three groups for Japanese honorifics. Let's have a look carefully so that you can use them properly in a daily conversation.

Note 2

Not all verbs cannot be used for this sentence pattern.

Example: Verbs that can be used for this sentence pattern

  • eat: たべる → おたべください
  • read: よむ → およみください
  • drink: のむ → おのみください
  • wait: まつ → おまちください
  • teach: おしえる → おおしえください
  • sit: すわる → おすわりください
  • speak: はなす → おはなしください
  • take: とる → おとりください
  • get off: おりる → おおりください
Example: Verbs that cannot be used for this sentence pattern

  • look: みる → おみください is incorrect. ごらんください should be used.
  • sleep: ねる → おねください is incorrect. おやすみください should be used.
  • come: くる → おきください is incorrect. おこしください should be used.


Task 1: Change into Japanese, using the sentence pattern.

  • Please come to the party.
  • Please wait at the shop.
  • Please speak with my mother.

Task 2: Change into English.

  • おすわりください。
  • 英語をお教えください。
  • ドアをおしめください。