School: I have been studying Japanese since Year 7.

Basic sentence
Basic sentence

On this page, you can learn how to express how long you have been doing something in Japanese.

Key Sentence

First box: English, Second box: Romaji, Last box: Japanese writing and audio

I have been studying Japanese since Year 7.
wa ta shi wa chu u ga ku i chi ne n se iからni ho n go wo be n kyo u shi te i ma su

One by one

  • 私 → I
  • は → no meaning
  • 中学一年生(ちゅう・がく・いち・ねん・せい) → Year 7
  • から → since
  • 日本語(に・ほん・ご) → Japanese
  • を → no meaning
  • 勉強しています(べん・きょう・しています) → have been studying


Vocabulary: Year level
On this page, you can learn how to say year levels in Japanese with the basic knowledge of Japanese education system.


【Japanese grammar】verb て form + います (imasu) = has/have been + verb-ing
Let's learn how to say those sentences in Japanese: I have been playing golf since last year. My father has been talking on the phone since 5 o'clock. My older sister has been cooking since yesterday.


Task 1: Change into Japanese.

  • I have been learning Karate since Year 8.
  • My older brother has been studying law since Year 11.

Task 2: Change into English.

  • 私は中学三年生から英語を勉強しています。
  • 母は六時からそのテレビ番ぐみを見ています。


Task 3: Listen to answer what you hear in English.