Verb なForm

Form: verb and adjective
Form: verb and adjective

On this page, you can learn how to make Verb なForm, which is used with various Japanese grammar patterns such as ければなりません(have to) and くてもいいです(don’t have to).

How to make なForm

Click here if you don’t know about Japanese verb groups: Irregular Verb, Group 2 (Weak Verb) and Group 1 (Strong Verb).

Irregular verb

  • する → しな
  • くる → こな

Group 2 (Weak Verb)

Cut off る then add な.

(Ex) たべる → たべな

Group 1 (Strong Verb)

Change the last symbol from ‘u’ sound to ‘a’ sound.
Then, add な at the end.

(Ex) いく → いかな

う always becomes わ.

For example, なForm of い (say) is いな, not いな.


ないForm can be made by adding い to なForm. ないForm is another name of Plain Present Negative Form. Refer to the page below for more details.


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