【Japanese Grammar: Form】Verb なForm

Form: verb and adjective
Form: verb and adjective

How to make なForm

Click here if you don’t know about Japanese verb groups: Irregular Verb, Ichidan verb (Group 2, Weak Verb) and Godan verb (Group 1, Strong Verb).

Irregular verb

  • する → しな
  • くる → こな

Ichidan verb (Group 2, Weak Verb)

Cut off る then add な.

  • たべる → たべな
  • ねる → ねな
  • おきる → おきな
  • みる → みな

Godan verb (Group 1, Strong Verb)

Change the last symbol from ‘u’ sound to ‘a’ sound.
Then, add な at the end.

  • いく → いかな
  • のむ → のまな
  • すわる → すわらな
  • まつ → またな

う always becomes わ.

For example, なForm of い (say) is いな, not いな.

How to make ないForm

ないForm can be made by adding い to なForm. ないForm is also called Plain Present Negative Form. Refer to the page below for more details.


Task: Answer なForm of the verbs below.

  • みる
  • たべる
  • よむ
  • する
  • きく
  • みな
  • たべな
  • よまな
  • しな
  • きかな