Words in news: 深海(しん・かい)- deep sea

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words in news, manga etc

This page allows you to learn Japanese words with news from Japan.

Key words

  • 吸盤(きゅう・ばん): sucker (of squid)
  • 絡みつく(から・みつく): tangle
  • しがみつく: cling
  • 深海(しん・かい): deep sea
  • 富山湾(と・やま・わん): Toyama Bay

News to listen and watch

If you are good at Japanese, just listen, not watch, to improve your listening skill. If you are a beginner, you should watch and listen.

Question about the news

Q: How big is the king squid? (大王イカの大きさはどのぐらいですか。)