Let’s learn Japanese with the song 365日の紙飛行機 (paper plane for 365 days) by AKB48.


On this page, you can learn Japanese words you can use in a daily conversation with the song 365日の紙飛行機 (paper plane for 365 days) by AKB48.

Official Music Video

【MV】365日の紙飛行機 Short ver. / AKB48[公式]

The learning focus on this page is the expressions below.

  • 人生は紙飛行機
  • 願い乗せて飛んで行くよ

You can find them in the video. Go to 1:05.


Let’s have a look at the expressions more carefully. Scroll down please.


Meaning: Life is like a paper plane
  • 人生(じん・せい/ji n se i)means ‘life’.
  • Life in this case is a life span, not a soul.
  • A soul is 命(いのち/i no chi).
  • は is a topic marking particle and does not mean anything.
  • 紙(かみ/ka mi)means ‘paper’.
  • 飛行機(ひ・こう・き/hi ko o ki)means ‘plane’.

This sentence should have みたい at the end of the sentence.

みたい means ‘like’.

Ex: 父は犬みたいです。(My father is like a dog.)


Meaning: (Paper planes) are flying away with our wish.
  • 願い(ねが・い/ne ga i)means ‘wish’ that is a noun.
  • 乗せて(の・せて/no se te)is てForm and the meaning is ‘carry’.
  • The Dictionary Form of 乗せて is 乗せる(の・せる/no se ru).

てForm(乗せて)is used because another verb comes after it. See more details here.

  • 飛んで(と・んで/to n de)is てForm and the meaning is ‘fly’ which is a verb.
  • The Dictionary Form of 飛んで is 飛ぶ(と・ぶ/to bu).
  • 行く(い・く/i ku)means ‘go’.

飛んで行く means ‘fly and go’.

  • よ is added at the end of a sentence to show your friendliness.