Photo quiz

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See photos about Japan and answer the questions.

Quiz 1

Q: What is the sign for?

A: It is for people who use a stroller or a wheelchair.

Quiz 2

Q: How much do you pay if you park your bicycle for 10 hours in total?

A: You pay 100 yen.

The first one hour is free. You need to pay 100 yen every fiver hours after that if you park a bicycle.

Quiz 3

Q: This is a Tokyo subway map. How many subway lines does Tokyo have?

A: There are 13 subway lines in Tokyo.

Quiz 4

Q: What is the dip made of?

A: It is made of eggs which are not cooked.

Japanese eggs are fresh so it is totally fine to have them without cooking. You need to remember the expiry date of eggs set in Japan is quite short, around two weeks, through the year.

What you dip into eggs is cooked beef. You have this style of eating when you have Sukiyaki, one of the most famous Japanese dishes.