Words in drama: 少々おまちください – please wait

words in news, manga etc
words in news, manga etc

少々おまちください is a very polite way to say ‘Please wait.’

少々 is しょうしょう in Hiragana. It means ‘a bit’. 少々 is a polite word. You usually use 少し(すこ・し)for the same meaning.

おまちください is same as まってください. まって is てform of まつ which means ‘wait’. ください means ‘please’ if it follows てform.

おまちください is much politer than まってください. In the video, he speaks to the man politely as he is a son of their boss.

You can listen to the word and understand how to use it in a conversation.

There are three groups for Japanese honorifics. Let's have a look carefully so that you can use them properly in a daily conversation.