PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) by Piko-taro

Culture and News
Culture and News

This video was released late August in 2016 by Piko-taro, a Japanese singer-songwriter. A lot of Japanese young people enjoyed his catchy rhythm and lyric, so is Justin Bieber who introduced the video on his twitter.

The video has been seen by many people all over the world, thanks to the celebrity who has over 80 million followers.

Piko-taro says “My right elbow is a bit funny now as I am very surprised at what is happening. I would like to join as many music festivals as I can. Please invite me, everybody!”

Review Task

  • What is his name in Japanese? Write in Hiragana.
  • How do you write ‘apple pen’ in Japanese? Find it in the video.
  • Research about him using a search engine (Google etc) and write a short article in English, more than 50 words, including his nationality, age, how tall he is etc.