Japanese bullet train


On this page, you can learn about bullet trains in Japan.

Doctor Yellow

You may see an yellow bullet train if you are lucky enough. It runs as fast as other bullet trains in order to check railway tracks, overhead wires etc. It runs once per 10 days approximately.

It is yellow because yellow is brighter and can be seen easily even at night.

Hello Kitty bullet train

It started to run in June 2018. The route is only from Hakata Station to Shin-Osaka station once per day (return).

It leaves Hakata at 6:40 am and arrives at Shin-Osaka at 11:13 pm. The return train leaves at Shin-Osaka at 11:29 pm and arrives at Hakata at 15:38 pm.

You can book a ticket in person at a station or online.

7 minute cleaning

Japanese transport including bullet trains are punctual, reliable and clean. It never happens without the cleaners who clean inside trains within a certain amount of time.

They are given just 7 minutes to clean a bullet train car which has over 100 seats. They need to collect rubbish, wipe each table, turn around seats, sweep the floor etc.

Why 7 minutes? It is because the bullet train timetable is very tight everyday. For example, a bullet train leaves Tokyo Station for Osaka about every 10 minutes. The cleaners clean up everything before the departure of every bullet train.

Bullet train simulation

You can visit here to see how punctual bullet trains run each day.