Verb Stem Form

Form: verb and adjective
Form: verb and adjective

On this page, you can learn what Verb Stem Form is and how it is used in a sentence.


Click here if you don’t know about Japanese verb groups: Irregular Verb, Group 2 (Weak Verb) and Group 1 (Strong Verb).

How to change Dictionary Form into Stem Form

Irregular verb

  • する → し
  • くる → き

Group 2 (Weak Verb)

Cut off る at the end of the verb.

(Ex) たべる → たべ

Group 1 (Strong Verb)

Change the last symbol into ‘i’ sound.

(Ex) よむ → よみ

Exercise 1

  • Learn Basic 30 Japanese verbs if you have not.
  • Complete the test in Quizlet below. Choose ‘test’ at the bottom right of Quizlet to start a test.

Exercise 2

Task: Answer the meaning of the verb and its verb stem form. The first one has been done for you.

  • はなす(話す)→ speak, はなし
  • いく(行く)→
  • のむ(飲む)→
  • たべる(食べる)→
  • きく(聞く)→
  • みる(見る)→
  • おきる →
  • ねる →
  • する →
  • べんきょうする(勉強する) →