Verb てForm

Form: verb and adjective
Form: verb and adjective

On this page, you can learn what Verb てForm is and how it is used in a sentence.


Click here if you don’t know about Japanese verb groups: Irregular Verb, Group 2 (Weak Verb) and Group 1 (Strong Verb).

How to change Dictionary Form into てForm

Irregular verb

  • する → して
  • くる → きて

Group 2 Weak Verb

Change る at the end of the verb to て

(Ex) たべる → たべて

Group 1 Strong Verb

Change the last symbol of the verb following the rule below.

う、つ、る → って
ぬ、ぶ、む → んで
く → いて
ぐ → いで
す → して


read: よ → よんで

swim: およ → およいで

meet: あ → あって

Note: いく

いく, which belongs to Group 1 (Strong Verb), does not follow the rule above. てform of いく is always いって.


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