Lesson 2: The iron you ordered has arrived.【オーダーされたアイロンがとどきました。】


Topic 21: Message from a shop – Lesson 2

Lesson Focus

You can understand what product arrived at a shop in Japanese.

Key Sentence


The iron you ordered has arrived.

One by one

オーダーされた → ordered
アイロン → iron
が → no meaning
とどきました → arrived


home appliances

Grammar Note 1: Honorific

‘ordered’ is オーダーした, but if you want to show more respect to the person who ordered the product, you can say ‘オーダーされた

Grammar Note 2: Relative Clause

オーダーされたアイロン means ‘the ironyou ordered‘. Make sure the word order is the other way around.

Relative Clause

Grammar Note 3: Past Tense

とどく is ‘arrive’. If you want to say ‘arrived’, add ました after the verb stem form, which is とどき. That is why とどきました is ‘arrived’.

Past Tense

Review: Message from a shop – Lesson 2

Complete the tasks below in your workbook.

Task 1: Change into Japanese.

  • The microwave you ordered has arrived.
  • The washing machine you ordered has arrived.

Task 2: Change into English.

  • オーダーされたれいぞうこがとどきました。
  • オーダーされたパソコンがとどきました。

Task 3: Listen to answer what you hear in English.