Sports: The uniform number of Honda is 10.

Topic Based Lesson

On this page, you can learn how to say what uniform number a player has in Japanese.

Key Sentence

First box: English, Second box: Romaji, Last box: Japanese writing and audio

The uniform number of Honda is 10.
ho n da no se ba n go u wa ju u ba n de su

One by one

  • 本田(ほん・だ) → Honda
  • の → of
  • せ番ごう(せ・ばん・ごう) → uniform number
  • は → no meaning
  • 十番(じゅう・ばん) → 10
  • です → is

Note: uniform number

せ番ごう consists of two words: せ and 番ごう. せ means ‘back’ as a body part. 番ごう means ‘number’. A uniform number is often printed on the back of a shirt. That is why せ番ごう is ‘uniform number’ in Japanese.

Note 2: ordinal number

Ordinal numbers are often used to talk about a uniform number, although normal numbers are also acceptable in many occasions.


Numbers: Ordinal numbers
On this page, you can learn Japanese ordinal numbers.


Task 1: Change into Japanese.

  • The uniform number of Tanaka is 5.
  • The uniform number of Sasaki is 8.

Task 2: Change into English.

  • すずきのせ番ごうは六番です。
  • さとうのせ番ごうは九番です。


Task 3: Listen to answer what you hear in English.