Videos to learn Japanese

This is a summary of videos to learn Japanese from various providers.

★ means ‘easy’. ★★ means ‘getting harder’. ★★★ means ‘quite hard’.

  • KidsTV123 ★: They provide a video with which viewers can learn 1 to 10 in Japanese very easily. The song is great. Little kids may love it.
  • Waku Waku Japanese ★: Created by JapanSociety. Many videos last about 2 to 3 minutes and very easy to listen. The lesson focus is clear. You don’t have to know Japanese characters as they use Romaji.
  • JapaneseJoshi ★: She uses a lot of unique ideas for viewers to learn Japanese.
  • Absolute Beginner ★★: The lessons are created by JapanesePod101 and easy to listen. Each lesson has focus sentences (2 or 3 only) and a conversation style lecture. There are no pictures.
  • Innovative ★★★: They are also created by JapanesePod101. They have animation and a longer conversation than Absolute Beginner. You may have a cultural lecture in some videos.
  • Basic Japanese ★★: They are also created by JapanesePod101. A lady gives a lesson using a whiteboard and a marker. You may feel that you are actually in class. She teaches Japanese with a good rhythm and tempo.
  • Grammar lessons by JapanSociety ★★★: The lessons are created by Japan Society NYC. They are harder and more like a grammar class.