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【Japanese culture with videos】Daruma

Let's learn about だるま.
Sentence pattern

【Japanese grammar】Conjunctions used at the start of a sentence

EnglishJapanese (Hiragana)+ KanjiRomaji (with space)RomajiDetailFirst of allまずma zumazuFirst of allだいいちに第一にda i i chi ni...

Obento Deluxe Unit 12 Grammar Notes

VocabularyVerbs (past positive)EnglishKanaRomaji (with space)Romajidid eatたべましたta be ma shi tatabemashitadid drinkのみましたn...

Obento Deluxe Unit 11 Grammar Notes

VocabularyVerbs (let's ---)EnglishKanaRomaji (with space)RomajiLet's eatたべましょうta be ma sho utabemashouLet's drinkのみましょうn...

Obento Deluxe Unit 10 Grammar Notes

VocabularyVerbs (positive)EnglishKanaRomaji (with space)Romajito eatたべますta be ma sutabemasuto drinkのみますno mi ma sunomima...

Obento Deluxe Unit 9 Grammar Notes

VocabularyPlaces and activitiesEnglishKanaRomaji (with space)Romajiwhereどこdo kodokomovieえいがe i gaeigabeachうみu miumischoo...

Obento Deluxe Unit 7 Grammar Notes

KanjiKanjipictographmeaningstrokehow to writeOn-readingKun-reading月moon, month4がつ(ga tsu)、げつ(ge tsu)つき(tsu ki)火fire4か(ka...
Culture and News

Let’s make and eat rice balls, onigiri.

Folktale: The rolling rice ballFirst, let's enjoy a Japanese folktale about rice balls.Greeting and other useful wordsSe...

iiTomo Senior Chapter 7 Page 101 Reading

Text type: blog (written in Plain Form)せんせいNote: は in bold is 'wa' which is a topic marker. が in bold is another topic m...

Obento Supreme Unit 1 Grammar Notes

【Vocabulary】seasons, spring activities, summer activities, autumn activities, all year round activities, weather, temperature【Kanji】春、夏、秋、冬【Grammar】Stem Form + たいです。 (want to verb)、season に, person は activity を verb。(In SEASON, PERSON VERB ACTIVITY.)、person は place に activity に いきます。(PERSON go to PLACE to do ACTIVITY.)、きょう の てんき は WEATHER です。(It is WEATHER today.)、きのう の てんき は WEATHER でした。(It was WEATHER yesterday.)、あした の てんき は WEATHER でしょう。(It will be WEATHER tomorrow.)、さいこうきおん は NUMBER ど です。(The maximum temperature is NUMBER degrees.)