Rules for Genko-yoshi

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You may need to use Genko-yoshi when you write in Japanese.

Genko-yoshi is a special paper for writing in Japanese and Japanese students often use it at school when they need to write an essay.

On this page, you can learn what you should do and should not do when you use a genko yoshi paper.


  • Leave one box at the start of each paragraph.
  • Start a new paragraph on a new line.
  • Use one box for 、and 。
  • Leave the first three boxes if you need to write a title at the beginning. A title should be written on the first line.
  • Place 、and 。in the last box on the previous line when you have them in the first box.
  • Use a box for two numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 0) . For example, 4000 needs two boxes. The first box for 40, the next box for 00.


  • Do not leave a line between paragraphs.
  • Do not have a space between sentences.



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