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Culture and News

Let’s write Japanese icons in Kanji.

There are many Japanese words that turned into English: Mt Fuji, samurai, geisha, nippon, harakiri, bonsai, banzai, bento and sushi etc.

1 letter word in Japanese

For example, 'tree' in Japanese is き(木), which is 'ki' in Romaji. Let's learn one character Japanese words here.

Japanese vocabulary index

You can find the list of Japanese vocabulary here.

【Vocabulary: Noun Weather】Season in Japanese

Do you know following words in Japanese: spring, summer, autumn and winter? Let's learn them all.

【Difference】between 思う(omou)and 考える(kangaeru)

Both verbs mean 'to think' although there are small differences between them.

What word should I use to call my husband or wife in Japanese?

The words you have on this page are つま、おくさん、おっと、しゅじん、だんな etc. Let's learn how to use them properly.

What is hot and cold in Japanese?

It depends on what you describe. For example, 'cold' to describe weather and 'cold' to describe food and drinks are different in Japanese. Let's check them on this page.

Nouns in Japanese and Korean

Words you learn on this page are vegetable, water, school, movie, Japanese language, Korean language, homework, cake, mother, 10 o'clock, Monday etc.

Verbs in Japanese and Korean

Japanese verbs finish with う sound whereas Korean verbs finish with 다.
Beginner 2

【Beginner 2 Lesson 10: Sports】Vocabulary

Some of the words you are learning on this page are: 使う、乗る、入る、出る、見る、ジョギングする、空手、乗馬、サッカー、ラグビー、マラソン etc