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ます:Present Positive FormEnglishKanaRomajiRomaji (with space)to eatたべますtabemasuta be ma suto drinkのみますnomimasuno mi ma su...

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Hobbies and interestsEnglishKanaRomajiRomaji (with space)pianoピアノpianopi a nocomputerコンピューターkonpyuutaako n pyu u ta acoo...

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4, 7 and 9 are tricky numbers in Japanese.

Four in Japanese has three different ways of the pronunciation. Seven in Japanese has two different ways of the pronunciation. They are interchangeable most of the time. Nine in Japanese has two different ways of the pronunciation, although 'kyuu(きゅう)' is used most of the time.

【Difference】児童(じどう), せいと(生徒)and がくせい(学生)

Both Japanese words mean 'student'. However, they are clearly different by law.

ち means ‘house’ in an informal way.

Let's learn how to use ち correctly to talk about somebody's house. You can also learn the origin of ち.
Culture and News

Let’s write Japanese icons in Kanji.

There are many Japanese words that turned into English: Mt Fuji, samurai, geisha, nippon, harakiri, bonsai, banzai, bento and sushi etc.

1 letter word in Japanese

For example, 'tree' in Japanese is き(木), which is 'ki' in Romaji. Let's learn one character Japanese words here.

Japanese vocabulary index

You can find the list of Japanese vocabulary here.

【Vocabulary: Noun Weather】Season in Japanese

Do you know following words in Japanese: spring, summer, autumn and winter? Let's learn them all.