Song: Dancing Hero

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On this page, you can learn Japanese with a Japanese song. The title of the song is Dancing Hero which is ダンシングヒーロー in Japanese sung by Yoko Oginome.

It was released in 1980s and her best selling song. It revived in 2010s. How they dance at the start of the song is so popular in Japan.

The lyric for you to learn is from the beginning to 25 seconds in the video.


(You say to me ‘I love you’ but)

愛してる(あい・してる) means ‘I love you’. It is useful to remember this phrase as one word. よ can be put at the end of a sentence so that you could sound soft.

なんて implies that you disagree with something or don’t believe it.

(You don’t even ask me to go out)

誘って(さそ・って)is てform of さそう which means ‘ask’. も after てform means ‘even’.

くれない is put after てform when you want to express your unhappiness. ない in くれない means ‘not’.