Japanese boy becomes Othello champion

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His name is Keisuke Fukui who lives in Yokohama, Japan. He is 11 years old in Grade 5.

He started Othello before he enrolled into a primary school. He was not good at the game when he started as he could not beat his mother who introduced the game to him and knew almost nothing about the game strategies.

He continued to make an effort to become stronger and won a title of an Othello competition in Japan when he was in Grade 1. He won again when he was in Grade 2.

He broke the record of the youngest Othello world champion which was made in 1982 by a Japanese boy who was 15 years old.

He is now a pilot for ANA, All Nippon Airways, with which Keisuke Fukui flew back to Japan from Czech Republic where the World Othello Championship was held.