Vocabulary: My family

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On this page, you can learn how to say people in a family in Japanese with a video and online cards and quizzes. Click here if you want to learn how to say people in somebody else’s family.

Vocabulary list

Kanji characters in light blue are not basic 200 Kanji.

my father


my mother


my older brother


my older sister


my younger brother


my younger sister


my uncle


my aunt


my grandfather


my grandmother


Note 1: for your own family only

They are used when you talk about your family. Use those when you talk about somebody else’s family.

Note 2: the oldest, the youngest

Use 一番上の for the oldest and 一番下の for the youngest to describe people in your family.

the oldest sister


the youngest brother


Note 3: plural

Put the counter for people after brothers or sisters if you want to talk about more than one brother or sister.

two younger sisters


three older brothers


Note 4: How you call people in your family

For example, you may like to say to your mother, “I am sorry mum.” when you did something wrong. In this case, you need to say, お母さん、ごめんなさい。not 母、ごめんなさい。

Here is the quick index of how you call people in your family. The words in yellow are most commonly used:

father: お父(とう)さん、父(とう)ちゃん、おやじ
mother: お母(かあ)さん、母(かあ)ちゃん、おふくろ
older brother: お兄(にい)ちゃん、兄(にい)ちゃん、あにき
older sister: お姉(ねえ)ちゃん、姉(ねえ)ちゃん、あねき
younger brother: his name
younger sister: her name
uncle: おじさん、おじちゃん
aunt: おばさん、おばちゃん
grandfather: おじいちゃん、じいちゃん、じっちゃん
grandmother: おばあちゃん、ばあちゃん、ばっちゃん


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Exercise: card and quiz

Topic based lessons

Family: There are three people in my family.
On this page, you can learn how to say how many people are in your family in Japanese, using a counter for people such as ひとり, ふたり, etc.
Family: There are my father, my mother, my younger brother and I.
On this page, you can learn how to say who is in your family in Japanese.