What does a good Japanese writing look like?


A good writing with correct sentence patterns and conjunctions is very easy to read. You should always maintain the three parts below in your writing.

Part 1: Introduction

It should be around 15% of your writing. Use one paragraph.

Part 2: Body paragraphs

It should be around 75% of your writing. Use a couple of paragraphs. Each paragraph should be around 100 to 150 ji.

You need to use as many sentence patterns as you can in your body paragraphs to convey various information.

Sentence Pattern Index
On this page, you can see the index of Japanese sentence patterns.

Part 3: Conclusion

It should be around 10% of your writing. Use one paragraph. You can use the words like まとめると(In summary) or さいごに(Lastly) to start a conclusion paragraph.

Effective words for your Japanese writing
Here is the list of the words which help you to write in Japanese logically.