【Japanese grammar: と思います (to omoimasu) = I think that】how to express your opinion

Sentence pattern
Sentence pattern

Sentence Pattern

Let’s learn how to express your opinion in Japanese.

I think + sentence

sentence + と おもいます


と in front of おもいます does not mean anything but you must have it in this case.

おもいます can be 思います if you use kanji.


Plain Form

The sentence in front of と思います must finish with Plain Form.

Be careful of the two rules below:

  • Noun + です → Noun + だ
  • な adjective → change な into だ (Ex: しずかな → しずかだ)
Example of Noun + だ

I think Italy is a wonderful country.


Example of な adjective

I think Japanese is easy.



Step by step

For example,

you want to say “I think bananas are yummy.” in Japanese.

To do so,

you need to say

‘bananas are yummy’ first then add ‘I think’ in Japanese.

Also, you need to remember that

the sentence (bananas are yummy in this case) must finish with Plain Form in Japanese.

  • ‘bananas are yummy’ in Japanese is バナナはおいしい.
  • I think’ in Japanese is とおもいます.

That is why “I think bananas are yummy.” in Japanese is バナナはおいしいとおもいます.

バナナはおいしいとおもいます。(I think bananas are yummy.)


Task: Change into Japanese.

  • I think apples are yummy.
  • I think phones are convenient.
  • I think Japanese is difficult.
  • I think tennis is enjoyable.
  • I think my younger sister is cute.
  • りんごはおいしいと思います。
  • 電話はべんりだと思います。
  • 日本語はむずかしいと思います。
  • テニスは楽しいと思います。
  • 妹はかわいいと思います。


Task: Change into English.

  • 父はきびしいと思います。
  • オーストラリアはとても大きいと思います。
  • 日本はうつくしい国だと思います。
  • 母はやさしい人だと思います。
  • 日本の夏はむしあついと思います。


  • I think that my father is strict.
  • I think that Australia is very big.
  • I think that Japan is a beautiful country.
  • I think that my mother is a kind person.
  • I think that it is humid in summer in Japan.