【Reading exercise】タピオカ


Text 1

According to the Osaka customs, tapioca that the Kansai region imported in January to June this year was 633 tons. It is 20 times as much as the same time last year. They import all of them from Taiwan.

Tapioca is food that is made from potatoes which grow in hot areas. Putting tapioca in English tea to drink gets popular among young people these days.

Many shops to sell drinks in which they put tapioca have started in Osaka. One of them has sold this month ten times as much as in April last year.

The manager at the shop said ‘We are happy that Japanese people enjoy tapioca, Taiwanese culture.’

  1. たいわんからタピオカをゆにゅうしています。
  2. わかい人がタピオカのこうちゃをよく飲みます。
  3. タピオカはいもでできています。
  4. 日本人がたいわんのぶんかのタピオカを楽しんでいるからです。