Song of the counter for small and round objects

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Culture and News

This song is for small kids in Japan. Limited words are used in the lyric and you can see the list of the words below. Learn them, sing along and remember the counter!

Key sentence pattern in the song

さあ おどろう counter のドーナツ ぐるりと まわって ドーナツいっこ チョコレート に ぽちゃん

Vocabulary list

1 to 10 for counting small, round objects


everybody みんな

together 一緒に(いっ・しょ・に)

ok さあ

Let’s dance 踊ろう(おど・ろう)


doughnut ドーナツ

spinning around ぐるりとまわって

chocolate チョコレート

sound of falling in water ぽちゃん