Song: A bunch of flowers with love


On this page, you can learn Japanese with a Japanese song. The title of the song is ‘A bunch of flowers with love’ which is 愛をこめて花束を in Japanese sung by Superfly.

愛(あい)means ‘love’. 愛をこめて means ‘with love’. 花束(はな・たば)means ‘a bunch of flowers’.

The lyric for you to learn below is from the beginning up to 40 seconds in the video.



(Let’s take a photo with us.)

二人で(ふたり・で)means ‘two of us’. It can be ‘two of you’, ‘two of them’ etc. Depends on a situation. 写真(しゃ・しん)means ‘photo’. を is an object marker particle and does not mean anything.

撮ろう(と・ろう) means ‘Let’s take (photos)’. ‘take (photos)’ is 撮る(と・る).


(with this memorable scenery)

懐かしい(なつ・かしい)means ‘good old’ or ‘memorable’, although it is hard to translate into English.

この means ‘this’. 景色(け・しき)means ‘scenery’. と means ‘with’.


(strike the same pose as you did on that day)

あの means ‘that’. 日(ひ)means ‘day’. Aと同じ(と・おな・じ)means ‘same as A’. ポーズ means ‘pose’. で means ‘with’.


(want to see you having fun)

おどけて is in てForm and the meaning is ‘fool around’ but not too stupid. It should be lovable. おどける is the Dictionary Form.

みせてほしい means ‘want you to show me’.