Family: My older brother is good at cooking.

Basic sentence
Basic sentence

On this page, you can learn how to say what somebody is good at in Japanese.

Key Sentence

First box: English, Second box: Romaji, Last box: Japanese writing and audio

My older brother is good at cooking.
a ni wa ryo u ri ga jo u zu de su

One by one

  • 兄(あに) → my older brother
  • は → no meaning
  • りょうり → cooking
  • が → no meaning
  • 上手(じょう・ず) → good at
  • です → is


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good at + noun:【noun + が上手です】
On this page, you can learn Japanese grammar for 'good at + noun'.


Task 1: Change into Japanese.

  • I am good at tennis.
  • My younger sister is good at reading.

Task 2: Change into English.

  • 母はゴルフが上手です。
  • 私は絵が上手です。


Task 3: Listen to answer what you hear in English.