Nouns made from adjectives


On this page, you can learn how to make a noun from an adjective in Japanese.

さ at the end

You can make a noun from most adjectives by changing い into さ.


  • さむい(cold)→ さむさ(coldness)
  • あつい(hot)→ あつさ(hotness)
  • うつくしい(beautiful)→ うつくしさ(beauty)
  • やさしい(kind)→ やさしさ(kindness)
  • さびしい(sad)→ さびしさ(sadness)
  • きびしい(strict)→ きびしさ(strictness)
  • はやい(fast)→ はやさ(speed)

み at the end

You can also make a noun from some adjectives by changing い into み. They can be changed into a noun with さ at the end as well.


  • あつい(thick)→ あつみ(thickness)or あつさ
  • おもい(heavy)→ おもみ(weight)or おもさ
  • つよい(strong)→ つよみ(strength)or つよさ
  • あまい(sweet)→ あまみ(sweetness)or あまさ