Verb Group

form - verb, adjective

On this page, you can learn what verb groups are and how you find out what Japanese verb belongs to which verb group.

How to find a correct verb group

There are three verb groups in Japanese. The groups are;

  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Irregular Verb Group

You need to know them accurately so that you can make a different form properly, which helps you to make a correct sentence with various sentence patterns.

You can find a correct verb group by following the 3 steps below:

1st step

Find out if the verb belongs to Irregular Verb.

The following verbs belong to Irregular Verb: する(do, play sports)、くる(come)、もってくる、つれてくる、noun + する

つくる(make) does not belong to Irregular Verb even though it has くる in it.

Move to the 2nd step if the verb does not belong to Irregular Verb.

2nd Step

A verb belongs to Group 2 (Weak Verb), if it ends with i sound + る or e sound + る.



Move to the 3rd step if the verb does not belong to Group 2.

3rd step

All other verbs belong to Group 1 (Strong Verb).




Task: Find out what verb group the following verbs belong to.

  • およぐ
  • のる
  • ねる
  • する
  • はなす
  • たべる
  • もらう
  • おきる
  • つくる
  • まつ
  • くる