Verb Passive Form

form - verb, adjective

Passive Form is needed to make a passive sentence in Japanese.

How to change Dictionary Form into Plain Passive Form

Refer to this page if you don’t know how to find out what verb group a verb belongs to.

Irregular verb

  • する → される
  • くる → こられる

Group 2 (Weak Verb)

Cut off る then add られる.


たべ → たべられる

Group 1 (Strong Verb)

Change the last symbol from ‘u’ sound to ‘a’ sound. Then, add れる at the end.


 → よれる

Note: Polite Passive Form

To make Polite Passive Form, change る at the end of Passive Form into ます.


  • され → されます
  • こられ → こられます
  • たべられ → たべられます
  • よまれ → よまれます